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Deluxe Fire Bowl & 3 x Natural 2 -3kg

Deluxe Multi Buy

1 x 3 - 4kg Fire Bowl Carved Salt Lamp

3 x 2 -3kg Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps 


RRP: $ 144.00 AUD
$ 129.60 AUD
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Deluxe Multi Buy - Save yourself 10%

Multi Buy Pack Contains:-

1 x 3 -4kg Carved Fire Bowl Himlalayan Salt Lamp 15 - 18 cm high  (RRP $60)

3 x 2 -3kg Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps17-22 cm high  (RRP $75)

All Lamps come with a 15watt globe and a Standard On/Off Cord

Dimmer Switch Cords can be ordered as a separate item 

Himlalayan Salt Lamps release negative ions which, cleanse the air quality of rooms.  They contain 82 Minerals and Irons which have been known to have great health benefits for those who have respiratory issues.

Their wonderful glow creates a beautiful relaxing ambience which means they are wonderful for bedrooms to help with a restful nights sleep and perfect to use as a night light in childrens rooms.  

They can also create a soothing calming experience in treatment rooms, foyers and offices.

You will need to choose a lamp that is suitable for the size of the room you are using it in to get the maximim benefit.  It is also recommended in areas of high humidity that the lamp be left on to avoid any condensation that can occur.



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