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How far can you go? Candle Tip #3

Posted by Dee Dunworth on 21 February 2017

How far can you Go?  Candle Tip #3 | To What Level should you burn your Candle too?

I have shared this before, however it is amazing how many people have no idea that burning your Candle too low can make for a dangerous situation.  

What do you mean to what level?  How low is too low?  I am talking about of course is how low should you burn your Candle down to?  

Oh, there is a level I hear you say, and my answer is yes there is a level that you should only burn your Candle down to and it is approx 1 cm from the bottom of the jar. 

Now I do understand that we all like to get the most burn time and value out of our Candles, however there is a really important reason that we should leave that 1cm of wax in the bottom of the jar.  

On the bottom of the wick there is a metal tab that secures the wick to the bottom of the jar and when you burn your Candle too far down this metal tab gets very hot which can cause your jar to overheat and crack or worst case scenario to explode.

If you follow this small safety tip you will get the best out of your Candle without any problems.  

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Author: Dee Dunworth
About: Dee started her business in 2013 when luck met with opportunity, and allowed her the time to change careers from Business Finance Administration to become a Chandler (Candle Maker) where she was able to pursue her passion and create beautifully fragranced Custom handmade and Readymade Candles.
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