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Himalayan Salt Lamps FAQ...

Posted by Dee Dunworth on 23 February 2017
Himalayan Salt Lamps FAQ...

Himalayan Salt Lamps FAQ...

I am really excited about these gorgeous Salt Lamps, it is wonderful to have such pretty products which have so many benefits.

There has been a lot of interest in these lamps and I have been asked these questions, particularly about how to care for them and get the best of their lamp.... so I thought i would share some of the questions and and answers here...

1. Why does my lamp start to drip and ooze?

The lamps are made of salt and salt absorbs moisture from the air, so it then creates moisture on your lamp.  (particularly in places of high humidity such as NQ where I am)  This is also why it is recommended you place your lamp on a plate and not directly on furniture.

2.  How do I stop my Lamp from dripping and oozing?

If you leave your lamp turned on all the time, the warmth of the lamp will keep the it dry and stop it from oozing and dripping. (The lamps also release more irons and minerals when they are on, so it's great to leave them on)

3.  What about if I am going to be away from home for a longer period of time and I don't feel comfortable leaving it on?

If you are going to be away for an extended period of weeks you can turn the lamp off, remove the Cord/Bulb section from underneath the lamp and wrap the salt in a cloth, placing it in a plastic bag and leave it on a plate. The cloth will absorb any moisture and the plastic will keep it from dripping anywhere.

I hope these answers have been helpful about how to care for your Salt Lamp and love it even more. 

Have a great day!


Please feel free to forward and share this email to anyone who you think would find this information beneficial about Salt Lamps.

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